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VIDEOS: Beautiful Ladies Got Arrested After Announcing They Were Going To Take Drugs (Photos)

Three beautiful ladies got themselves arrested in Georgia on Saturday’s evening after announcing on social media that they were going to a place to do drugs (cocaine).

According to reports gathered by FoxMeek, one of the ladies whose names are yet to be ascertained took to Instagram to share a picture of themselves with the caption “On our way to do a Lil Coke.” They also did a livestream of themselves stripping their clothes and bearing their boobs. WATCH THE VIDEO BY CLICKING THE LINK/IMAGE BELOW 👇🏽

Click On The Above 👆🏽 Link/Image To Watch (Wait for 5 seconds, Video Plays Automatically)

The girls posing naked on livestream before their arrest

Cocaine, also known as coke is the second most popular illegal recreational drug in the United States behind marijuana. Some states took the position of outright banning of all forms of cocaine sale; Georgia, a southeastern U.S. state was the first.

FoxMeek learnt that an unidentified person called the attention of the cops to the picture/the caption which made them swung into action.

In a video currently going viral on social media networks, their arrest was filmed live on local TV stations. A Cocaine, vibrator and other items were found on them.

Watch the video from their arrest below;

The video has sparked mixed reactions online with many blasting the teenage girl for snitching on her friends who fled but were later arrested.

See their reactions below;


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