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Lady Recounts How She Was Blinded After Being Robbed And Pushed Out Of A Moving Vehicle in Lagos

Miss Peters (Twitter name), a Nigerian lady, took to Twitter to mark her first anniversary of surviving a near-death experience.

She unveil that the ugly incident occurred on her way to an exam when she boarded a car in Lagos.

@Am_sexyslim revealed that she embarked on the journey by 4:40a.m to beat the Lagos traffic gridlock and she had an earpiece on which prevented her from listening to the conversation that initiated her sad ordeal.

She recounted almost violated by the men who pushed her back after they found out she was on her period, but forced her to make withdrawals from the ATM and transfer all the money in her account.

Read her account of the sad incident below;

“Got to the bus stop and this car came sienna bus came out I usually enter them.

So I jumped in and didnt even notice the people inside. I brought put my past question and my phone reading and we got to Iyana Ipaja he took another turn instead of down he went up I was surprised.

I took off my earpiece and asked him why he took up instead of down? He said coz of traffic, so I looked down and it was blocked so I didn’t bother I continued my reading and put on my earpiece back. At some point I felt uncomfortable but I didn’t show it. I kept reading.

All my friends and family who helped me thru it all I love you all so much.

@Chijioke_CeJay he knows this story and man was just there@mapent this one kept calling as if I was gonna runaway. I have the best Mother and I love you Mom. Just healing and still scared.

I took this pictures yesterday and I realized I made it to the finish line.

My name went me “Ijeoma” in Igbo means (safe journey) here I am safe and sound tho the devil tried I won my God did it . I thank him (God) he really do loves me and I know.”
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